Parent Involvement

While offering reduced rates compared to other German language Saturday schools, we encourage active parent involvement. Not only will this help us to keep costs down, but we find it strengthens our school. If you are interested in DSB membership, volunteering for the school is one way of demonstrating your genuine interest in the Saengerbund.

How can I get involved?

There are several ways in which you can help us to develop our school:

1. Tell us about your ideas

We are always interested in your ideas about how to improve the school. Please email the school administrators or speak with us about them on school days.

2. Take responsibility to organize a school activity

Our teachers are paid exclusively for activities related to teaching (lesson preparation, teaching, grading - if applicable). The school administrators volunteer their time. Our major foci hereby are on running the school's day-to-day activities smoothly and on evolving the curriculum. For any activities beyond this scope, we depend on parent involvement. For example, the classroom assistant schedule in the youngest group is run by a parent volunteer. Weihnachts- and Abschlussfeier food and drinks are organized by a parent. For cultural extras, such as cooking a dish, preparing a lantern, or organizing a parade, we need parent volunteers. One element that we want to strengthen are activities that teach our students about German culture. If you are passionate about a particular activity or tradition, we will gladly assist you in organizing the activity either during class time or beyond, as appropriate.

3. Serve on our Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a group that includes friends of the school, administrators, teachers and interested parents. It is similar to a school board and it meets on an as-needed basis, discusses future directions of the school and makes decisions in a collaborative manner. Parents who are interested to look behind the scenes and help us are encouraged to participate.