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These newsletters contain material that is for the members of the Delaware Saengerbund, a private club. Non members are welcome to read this information and if you have questions please communicate with us. If you wish to further German culture, please consider membership in our club. The DSB Newsletter is provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Newsletters Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
December 2017 (Approximate file size: 918K) PDF Version
November 2017 (Approximate file size: 1.3M) PDF Version
October 2017 (Approximate file size: 666K) PDF Version
September 2017 (Approximate file size: 946K) PDF Version
July/August 2017 (Approximate file size: 885K) PDF Version
June 2017 (Approximate file size: 1.1M) PDF Version
May 2017 (Approximate file size: 1.4M) PDF Version
April 2017 (Approximate file size: 1.6M) PDF Version
March 2017 (Approximate file size: 1.7M) PDF Version
February 2017 (Approximate file size: 2.0M) PDF Version
January 2017 (Approximate file size: 1.2M) PDF Version
December 2016 (Approximate file size: 1.1M) PDF Version
November 2016 (Approximate file size: 1.2M) PDF Version
October 2016 (Approximate file size: 1.6M) PDF Version
September 2016 (Approximate file size: 1.0M) PDF Version
July-August 2016 (Approximate file size: 1.2M) PDF Version
June 2016 (Approximate file size: 862K) PDF Version
May 2016 (Approximate file size: 1.0M) PDF Version
April 2016 (Approximate file size: 1.4M) PDF Version
March 2016 (Approximate file size: 918K) PDF Version
February 2016 (Approximate file size: 1.3M) PDF Version
January 2016 (Approximate file size: 729K) PDF Version
December 2015 (Approximate file size: 1.3M) PDF Version
November 2015 (Approximate file size: 1.4M) PDF Version
October 2015 (Approximate file size: 1.8M) PDF Version
September 2015 (Approximate file size: 1.9M) PDF Version
July-August 2015 (Approximate file size: 1.2M) PDF Version
June 2015 (Approximate file size: 1.2M) PDF Version
May 2015 (Approximate file size: 353K) PDF Version
April 2015 (Approximate file size: 395K) PDF Version
March 2015 (Approximate file size: 527K) PDF Version
February 2015 (Approximate file size: 409K) PDF Version
January 2015 (Approximate file size: 448K) PDF Version
December 2014 (Approximate file size: 562K) PDF Version
November 2014 (Approximate file size: 567K) PDF Version
October 2014 (Approximate file size: 714K) PDF Version
September 2014 (Approximate file size: 492K) PDF Version
July-August 2014 (Approximate file size: 550K) PDF Version
June 2014 (Approximate file size: 558K) PDF Version
May 2014 (Approximate file size: 734K) PDF Version
April 2014 (Approximate file size: 376K) PDF Version
March 2014 (Approximate file size: 345K) PDF Version
February 2014 (Approximate file size: 523K) PDF Version
January 2014 (Approximate file size: 260K) PDF Version
December 2013 (Approximate file size: 726K) PDF Version
November 2013 (Approximate file size: 440K) PDF Version
October 2013 (Approximate file size: 760K) PDF Version
September 2013 (Approximate file size: 652K) PDF Version
July-August 2013 (Approximate file size: 616K) PDF Version
June 2013 (Approximate file size: 609K) PDF Version
May 2013 (Approximate file size: 458K) PDF Version
April 2013 (Approximate file size: 500K) PDF Version
March 2013 (Approximate file size: 828K) PDF Version
February 2013 (Approximate file size: 705K) PDF Version
January 2013 (Approximate file size: 604K) PDF Version
December 2012 (Approximate file size: 1.0M) PDF Version
November 2012 (Approximate file size: 1.1M) PDF Version
October 2012 (Approximate file size: 766K) PDF Version
September 2012 (Approximate file size: 730K) PDF Version
July-August 2012 (Approximate file size: 870K) PDF Version
June 2012 (Approximate file size: 216K) PDF Version
May 2012 (Approximate file size: 631K) PDF Version
April 2012 (Approximate file size: 829K) PDF Version
March 2012 (Approximate file size: 785K) PDF Version
February 2012 (Approximate file size: 426K) PDF Version
January 2012 (Approximate file size: 1.6M ) PDF Version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Newsletters

Question Answer
1. I live in Pennsylvania and sometimes get my newsletter very late. Have you considered Emailing the Newsletter?

We have considered Emailing it, but have not pursued it since the size of the newsletter ranges from 600K to 1.2 Meg depending on length and number of images. On dial up line it will be a slow download (3 - 6 minutes) and I hear some ISPs (eg., AOL) object to large attachments and clip them.

My best suggestion is to either check the web site at http://www.delawaresaengerbund.org -> Newsletters and select the best option for your set up. Alternatively, extra copies are placed in the Bauernstube - if you are at the club, please pick one up.

Note: the Web versions will have been edited to exclude DSB financial and other confidential data and, upon personal request, some phone numbers replaced with the club phone number to maintain privacy.

Our newsletter schedule is:

  • Deliver the newsletter to the printer not later than Thursday midnight after the monthly meeting.
  • Post the Newsletter on the web at the same.
  • Printer delivers the sorted, addressed newsletter to the US Post Office by Monday PM
The Thursday deadline was agreed to, to allow for late submissions from members.

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